For the author of the Respect Dare, Nina Roesner, I am reblogging this message from April 2011. Re-reading this, I am inspired to follow up, and hope to do so soon!

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I can still remember the day that a global consciousness moved from somewhere in the back of my mind to the forefront.

I was leading a women’s small group through Nina Roesner’s book, the Respect Dare (www.therespectdare.com). If you’ve heard of the Love Dare, the Respect Dare is a similar concept geared at showing women how to be Godly wives. Day 15’s challenge asks us to look at our treasure — our finances — and evaluate our perspectives. One of the tasks was to do an online search on poverty to learn about the way that the majority of the world lives.

Although I had always had some sort of background understanding that much of the world lives in poverty, it wasn’t until I did that search that day that the reality began to sink in and move from a general notion to a stinging truth; Given my location…

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