Do you wanna play?

When we think about missions, we think big, complicated stuff. In reality, missions can be just as simple as asking a child, ‘Do you wanna play?’

The other night after church, for example, I was telling my kids to get their stuff together so we could go home and dye Easter eggs. One teenage girl, overhearing this, sighed and said, ‘We didn’t dye eggs at my house this year.’ My response? ‘Do you wanna dye eggs with us?’ It made her night. She was so excited. You could tell that this girl – this troubled, disabled girl – didn’t get a lot of invites like this, and you could tell it wasn’t just the eggs that made her so happy.

She just wanted the love.

On Easter Sunday, my kids were outside hiding their plastic eggs when several of the neighborhood kids began flocking one by one to the yard to join the fun. Before long, we had seven extra boys in the yard, who were loving the fact that their buddy’s MOM was taking their picture and inviting them to participate in family activities.

These things were nothing big. Nothing special. Not to me, any way. But to those kids, it was something. In those moments, it was everything.

How easy is it to ask a kid, ‘Do you wanna play?’

Like when you’re playing basketball in the driveway and the neighbor kid who doesn’t have a dad at home is looking on?

Or when you’re in the park with your kids and a kickball and the other kids who have been left to themselves all day are watching but too afraid to ask to join in?

Just look around your neighborhood. It won’t be hard to find a kid who just wants a little attention – a little love – a little acceptance – a little Jesus.

Matthew 19:14 “Jesus said, ‘Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.'”

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