How easily we come back … and forth


Anyone notice the sunshine today?

The skies were such a beautiful blue, the air just the right temperature to invite us to go outside without a coat and just delight in that refreshing cool breeze as it danced right over us. Our hope-filled sun brought light to our town once again, restoring that invigorating sense of renewed life within us. Oh, happy reprieve!

To think how quickly we all came back from yesterday’s gloom, in to which we had so easily slipped.

We are a wishy-washy bunch, aren’t we?

After all, we tend to base our joy and hope on our circumstances rather than our God in heaven so often!

We know He loves us! We know we’re living for eternity, not today. We know that no matter what ‘season’ we’re in, we have a promise waiting for us in heaven. That knowledge is in our heads. We’ve all memorized the scripture that tells us to have hope and joy regardless of our circumstances. But how many of us have transferred that head knowledge to our hearts? How many of us live that out?

Days like today, those filled with sunshine and the beautiful, impeccable blue, make us wonder just what it was we were grumbling about yesterday, don’t they?

And I can’t help but wonder what it’s going to take for us — for me — to treat each day just like the sun is shining, even when it’s not?

According to the forecast, we’re about to have an opportunity to find out. God is always faithful to give us an opportunity to grow, isn’t He? I feel a challenge coming on!

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